Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Does Your Hairstyle Say About Your Taste in Shoes?

What does your hair have to do with your shoe selection? Well, a lot actually. Depending on your hairstyle the shoes that you wear says a lot about your hair preference, and vice versa. In addition, depending on your hairstyle, this will reflect your fashion preference in turn what your favorite type of shoes are. Here is an assessment of what kind of shoes you might like depending on your hairstyle.

If you have a pixie cut there's no doubt that you aren't afraid to be who you really are, because you are okay with cutting almost all of your hair off! This means that you most definitely will be seen in a sassy pair of cowgirl boots or black shoes with some sparkle. On casual days we might even see you wearing an edgy pair of Ed Hardy high heels because these types of pumps definitely scream a bold personality and originality.

Are your locks long and lovely? Then there's no doubt that you are very relaxed with yourself and your style is laid back and casual. Most of the time you might be seen wearing a dress that's cute yet comfy and you also love wearing flip flops, which goes with your elegant locks.

Taking care of longer locks takes time and patience, but they definitely are worth it. You also can get hair extensions if you want to skip the growing out stage. Once you have your desired longer locks, they will look great with a pair of elegant pumps or fancy decorated wedges, that will show off your romantic side. Wear flip flops when you're enjoying the summer time, but switch over to romantic pumps when it's time to enjoy a seaside escape or you're grabbing a nice bite to eat at your favorite restaurant.
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If you have super straight hair and you like to keep it that way, you might be high maintenance. Even if you aren't high maintenance you probably just set in your ways, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. You crave style and originality, which is why you're seen in tall stilettos that offer plenty of height and add the perfect amount of fashion to your style. 

Straightening your long hair takes time, so there's no doubt that you love shoes that show off your composed personality that craves structure. But - you still like to have some fun. Finding tall heels or craving designer shoes for that matter is important, which is why your favorite pair of pumps might be by Christian Louboutin or another well known designer.

As you can see your hairstyle says a lot about what kind of shoes you crave and wear. Obviously everyone is not alike and shoe preferences change depending on different personality types, but isn't it fun assuming which shoes go with which hairstyles? If you have a certain hairstyle and you'd like to add your take on which shoes go with your style - feel free to share in the comments below!

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  1. I think that hair and shoes say a lot about a person - mine can definitely tell you the kind of day I'm having! I had extensions for 2 years - I loved them!!!


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