Friday, July 22, 2011

What does a beach bum wear to a business meeting?

As you all know by now, I am a certified beach bum who lives in flip flops.

My lifestyle doesn't really require fancy clothes or shoes, except when we go out to dinner. Our clients are mostly from abroad or from inland South Africa, so they don't see us (thank goodness, else I'd be completely broke!). However, it can't be all that bad...

Over the two years that we've lived here, we became friendly with people who have a little printing shop nearby. So it happened this morning that the lady who owns the shop invited us to take over her slot at a Better Business Bureau meeting next week in order to present our services to the members.

While that is VERY exciting - I have no idea what to wear!

It is currently winter here and while we have a mostly mild climate, it is rather cool that early in the morning. That means that something long would be appropriate. I think I'll go black, as it is versatile and can be worn with whatever top does not make me feel fat on the day.

Such as black pants and a nice blouse

...or a skirt like this one

The challenge is finding shoes (very quickly) that I can wear to this meeting and in future again.

These are pretty and versatile too, not too smart, but are open toes okay?

These are ideal for us heavier girls, but the open toe again...


I don't know what it is with all the peep toes hunting me down lately. Maybe it is a sign.

From what I understand, the meeting is relatively low-key and I could probably get away with it. If I take the last one with the bow, I could always keep it, even just to look at. Or I could sell it on IfTheShoeDoesntFit, even though I would make me cry.

What suggestions do you have for me? What is your favorite business outfit?

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  1. My favorite basic business outfit is a simple black suit and white shirt (wrinkle free from Jones of NY). While I love color and fashion, when I have to travel, I have a basic black pants and jacket that are always appropriate because if it seems too much I just take the jacket off.
    Shoes...well, first of all, not only us "Heavy girls" would like the middle ones (I don't think weight has anything to do with it-the heel style is in!) they have mucho style with the cut-outs. I'd probably choose those. The first ones would not give you any support if you have to walk around office or meeting space - your feet would feel it later. (Trust me from experience!) The bottom ones are adorable - but probably better for a fun outfit rather than a business one - of course my age is showing here......


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