Friday, July 15, 2011

Floral Shoes Bring Out the Happiness in You

You know how florals have been in style lately? Well did you also know that they can be seen everywhere on shoes as well? I happen to love florals because of their delicious patterns of pink, yellow, purple, and many other colors. They are so bright, colorful, and fun. Now that florals are absolutely everywhere, why don't we embrace them on shoes too? I love how they have taken over many styles of shoes, including pumps and flats.

Shoes are already like dessert, so adding additional colors and floral elements is just like frosting on a cake. In addition to florals, you will also find gems, sparkles, darling straps, and other elements that manage to look delicious on shoes. Speaking of edible dessert, let's take a look at the many styles of floral shoes that I will never grow tired of. In fact - they are so sweet looking that I wish I could eat them!
Betsey Johnson does not disappoint with her creative shoes. I love how there are splashes of green, pink, white, and black! Also, if you look closely there are two different floral patterns. Now that is what I call inventive.
These sweet pumps are super adorable and stylish with their edible florals and beige pumps. Can I please buy them right now?!
Floral flats are no doubt comfortable and cute at the same time. They also are dreamy and I love the shoe laces. Glance below for another sweet pair of shoes with laces.
 Wedges! Not only are these wedges tall, they are sassy as well!
These pumps have to at least be four inches tall and I love the shade of blue and the criss cross strap elements.
More blue! The stylish bow and the way the florals blend in with this navy blue color is perfect.
Jewels and florals?! I would buy these flats in a heartbeat.

Floral shoes are a great asset to a simple outfit because you have the opportunity to make your floral shoes the focal point. With a lot going on, on your feet, you can wear a simple tee shirt and a pair of jeans. Or if you are feeling brave, go ahead and wear a short skirt or dress with your four inch floral heels or wedge sandals!

So what do you think of floral shoes? Is there too much going on for you or do you think they are lovely like I do? Whatever your preference is, I still love florals and that is not going to change. ;) When the summer is long gone and you miss those hot days, you can pull out your floral shoes and dream of your happy adventures to come in the months ahead.

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  1. You're completely right; floral shoes put a big smile on my face! So pretty!

  2. Love love LOVE floral shoes! And if I'm gonna wear some heels they're gonna be 4 inches or higher! Love your picks! Great blog, I'm a happy new follower :).

  3. Thanks so much ladies - glad you enjoy the floral bliss as much as I do!

    Welcome to our blog @Marlee - thanks so much for following and will be sure to visit your blog soon! :)

  4. where to buy these shoes?


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