Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shoe Predicament - What Shoes to Wear in Las Vegas

Please help me shoe lovers, I have a bit of a predicament. I have the hardest time figuring out just the right pair of shoes to wear in Las Vegas. In about a week I am headed to Las Vegas with my boyfriend and I purchased a pair of flats that I like, but the problem is I never know if they are going to cause blisters or not because I never walk in them for the same long length of time that I walk while in Las Vegas, which is at least a few hours or more! When I'm in Las Vegas we walk a lot because it is the most practical way to get around the strip while gazing at the hotels and catching a few shows!

So I need your advice. What kind of shoes do you like to wear when you know you will be walking for a long distance but you want to remain fashionable at the same time? Do you wear flip flops, lace up shoes, heels, or flats? Right now I'm going to give my flats a shot but I'm also just considering my flip flops as well. Heels would be amazing but if I'm being honest there is no way I could get away with wearing heels when I'm walking on the strip. My feet would hurt way too much! I give the girls that can pull heels off on the strip major points because after a while I would either cry or walk bare foot, ha ha, which would be just gross.

Last year I wore a pair of Coach lace up shoes that were very comfortable, but my feet got hot and I actually got a few blisters too! For some reason my feet are very sensitive and I get blisters easily, which is why I am very particular in regards to what shoes I end up wearing when I know I will be walking for long lengths of time.

The pair of flats that I purchased are similar to the Vince Camuto flats you see below, with a jewel that embellishes the toe of the shoe. I'm thinking of wearing these flats because they will go with a lot of my outfits and still look cute with a dress. That's another consideration - most of my outfits are casual dresses, so a pair of lace up shoes don't go with my dresses. If I go with flats or flip flops they would go with my skirts and dresses, which makes sense for me fashion speaking.
However, when does comfort and foot care out rule fashion? If I really wanted to have comfortable and supportive shoes I would wear my Asics, but Asics don't go with my dresses now do they?! So this is my constant source of frustration. I want to wear something cute, comfortable, and something that will go with all of my outfits so that I don't have to bring multiple shoes. Just having one or two pairs to switch up would be perfect.

So I can't wait to hear about what you wear while traveling if you like to wear dresses like me. I just bought a pair of shorts (it was a stretch for me) because I needed to broaden my horizons this summer. The good news is that my legs will be cooler; the bad news is that I'm not so much a fan of shorts. But with my new flowy LOVE top I hopefully can pull it off. ;)

Keep in mind that Las Vegas is extremely hot this season (well usually every season for that matter,) so that is another reason to go with open toed shoes and my new jeweled flats are not open toed. Flip flops are. But - flip flops are not as supportive on your feet. I usually wear my flip flops with an outfit like you see above. See what I mean?! I have a predicament! Please give me the best shoe advice because I certainly need it! Thanks in advance.


  1. I said it a hundred times before, I'm going to say it again! Everybody and their mama, and their grandmama have been to Las Vegas except for me. Either I am creating outfits for my clients who are making a trip to Las Vegas or every other week one of my firends are making a trip out there. UGH!!!! To finally answer your quesiton, those lace up Coach heels you wore were perfect! To me heels worn to Vegas have to be haute borderline "slutty" Have some kind of detail like zippers, studs or spikes in bold colors like red or cobalt and black is always good. For a more basic heel, patent leather is a good one. Shiny yet simple. Foot medication and Dr. Scholls is a travel must though. Fashion is pain my dear. If you're not hurting eventually, you not styling ;)

    Have a safe and fun trip! Show pictures!

  2. I like "comfort sandals" for these kinds of trips - they are decent fashionwise - and saviors for your feet. At night I go back to my heels of course! Seriously -checkout Shoenique - they have some - and so do some other vendors. Whatever you do don't go cheap! Cheap shoes are fine for a short time - but heavy duty walking like that you need GOOD shoes with support and those can still be pretty. I have a fab pair adorable purple comfort sandals I got from them that have cushy insoles I can walk for hours in!

  3. The Other Coco Chanel - I hope you are able to visit Vegas down the road and ha ha, you are right! I guess fashion has to be painful sometimes. ;)

    Speaker in Heels - Thanks - I'll check out Shoenique and you are right, I think I invest in too many cheap shoes and that is why my feet most often hurt!


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