Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shoes with holes

Peep toes.

When I grew up my mom once told me that she saw the most awesome shoes and took me to look at them the next day. I got all excited, until I saw them. They had a hole in front!!!

Okay - strictly speaking, they were peep toe pumps.

In my esteemed opinion (at the time) - shoes must either be open completely, i.e. sandals or completely closed, i.e. boots. I did not understand the point (or lack thereof) of peep-toe shoes.

To top off this notion, a lady at church wore peep toes with those old pantyhose with the reinforced toes. Since she was very skinny, the pantyhose were too big and a whole foot length of pantyhose sticking through the hole. To add to the look, she'd use bright red or bright pink nail polish to reinforce those parts that have laddered. Even at that young age, I recognized a fashion disaster.

However, recently some new peep-toe styles have become available and I can actually see myself wearing them - without the reinforced pantyhose, that is!

Peep-toes are great all year round (in areas with mild year-long temperatures)

Peep-toes are great for work (probably a bit too smart for sitting in your home office with your pee-jays though!)

Peep-toes look great with a range of evening styles.

I think I may just invest in a pair!


  1. i used to dislike peep toes, but i just bought a pair of peep toed oxford booties that i'm obsessed with!

  2. I LOVE the peep toes! They are FAB :)

    Great site - I am adding to my "Blog Love" page at


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