Monday, July 25, 2011

Stolen Purse = Stolen Life

I was going to write a post on what I wore this weekend (I was invited to a party) however my purse was stolen and my ticket and all major I.D’s were in there. As a result, I’ve been home most of the weekend except for a movie (which I wore sweats too) and to go shopping (sweats again.)
However, having a purse stolen has really got me to thinking. I got up that morning like it was a typical day. I got ready, had my coffee and packed my breakfast and was off. When I got to work I placed my purse underneath the desk and my Blackberry in a drawer. When I went to go make my meal I never thought I’d come back to no purse. When it happened I first thought “oh my goodness why am I so forgetful?!?” and blamed my own absentmindedness. But as I looked and I didn’t find my beautiful Nine West bag I realized it was not my Twenty One Year Old mind going haywire but my purse was actually gone. Since that day I haven’t been able to do what I normally do and that’s LIVE. I can’t go out because I can’t prove I’m legal which is 18 here. I can’t apply for various school programs etc… and I’m slowly realizing that women keep their lives in a portable bag. Which for the owner that’s great and dandy but for anyone else looking for a portable bag that isn’t theirs to claim as their own it’s really an inconvenience.

What do I propose as an alternative?
I haven’t the slightest. Why? Because as a woman that loves shoes and purses (I beleive one cannot be without the other) my philosophy is that if you have feet and you wear shoes the next step is to find a cute purse or hand bag that compliments your shoes because you have an arm it can rest perfectly on.

So I propose we go out into the world as normal, with our bags attached to us and we keep living and if it’s taken from us we cry our little cry and then replace all our I.D’s ( my SIN card and passport was in there mind you) and we move on with our lives. Giving someone the power to render us useless over a bag is pointless…

And that is what I plan to do.

I already got myself a new bag and complimentary shoes.


  1. Danielle that is awful!! I'm So sorry to hear about this. Be sure to keep an eye out for identity theft now that someone has your passport and everything else - and change the locks where you live (they have your keys and your address!). It's a violation that stinks and takes a long time to get over. Hey - and check with the place you work - sometimes they have insurance that can cover all the expenses associated with cancelling everything, replacing everything, etc. It was stolen on their property while you were working - it's worth asking. Hang in there - hope the new shoes and bag help you feel a little better.

  2. Thanks Ellen! I’ve made a Police Report and everything but it just made me realize how much of my life was in my purse! It was a time for retail therapy!

  3. Oh no Danielle! So sorry! I know it must have been a pain to cancel everything. Glad you could go out and buy a new purse and shoes though. I bet they are super cute!

  4. Oh gosh this is so unfortunate, I'm so sorry. I absolutely HATE losing things because I really do treasure everything I own. Hopefully it'll turn up soon, till then, good luck! xoxo, Veena <3

  5. Sierra - Thanks! They are super cute!

    Veena - Aw, I can totally relate and have the experience to say it really sucks loosing things. Lol I treasure everything I own as well and it's unfortunate that my purse was stolen. Thanks for your kind words! :)


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