Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Not To Wear

We all love to showcase our fashion triumphs but today I’m going to share with you the biggest fashion mistake I’ve ever made.

Let me set the scene for you with a little picturesque description: I was a 17 year old High Student that was late for her morning job (yes! you read right a morning job that started at 5:30am.) More importantly it was a cold Manitoba winter morning. This meant that is was -40 without wind shield and in the -50 with it. While the bears, foxes, deer and other generic prarie wild animals had run for cover in the warmth of their dens, holes in the ground, gaves or where ever I was made to wake up at 5:05 and trudge to a neighbours house where I did morning proctoring. Loved the job. Hated the chilly mornings.

I had been dreaming well past 5:20am which is the time I usually left for work. And so I rushed out of bed, tripped over some random clothing on the floor and grabbed whatever was closest to me. This happened to be a t-shirt, a pair of 80's sweat pants, my uggs and a very puffy winter jacket.

The majority of the day is a blurr now but I can remember being pretty self concious even though I lived in a small town of maybe 2.700 people at the time. I remember thinking "What if people see me?" I'm kind of wondering who, I thought these "people" were but at the time I was really upset that I wasn't making a fashionable impression.I really wish I could relive that moment. Thinking about it now I’m still embarrassed but we live and we learn and hopefully we throw out the sweat pants that make us look like we just crawled out of the 80’s.

The wonderful hat that completed my fashion tragedy was borrowed from a school chum.

I used it to openly flaunt my shame and highlight my wonderful messy hair.

Do you have a fashion disaster moment you wish to relive? How would you change it?


  1. Danielle - you might want to edit that typo in the third paragraph - made me laugh but I know you don't want it there!

  2. Cynthia -It looks like someone had their morning coffee today! lol Thanks for catching that!

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  4. followed back and left a comment - yummy chicken!

    Danielle - my fashion disaster was my bright giant flowered bell bottom pants with a pink sash! I was 7 at the time so I think I can get a pass -but WOW was I bright!!

  5. Tanya - I'll follow back and leave a comment! Thanks for stopping on by. :)

    Ellen - Hahaha, See but bold colors are a trend that has hit Winnipeg like a storm! You'd fit in here. Too bad neither of us can time travel!

  6. Danielle - ha ha, I've definitely had my shares of fashion disasters! There was a time or two where I have accidentally gotten my morning poptart all over my white pants on the way to school and then I've worn an almost entire pink outfit only to later discover that I had WAY too much pink on! ;)

  7. Sierra – Enjoying those pop tarts I see! Have you figured out a way to stay crisp and clean in white yet? I haven’t! I usually get ketchup on my sleeves or shirt and I never know when it happens.

  8. I know what you mean guys. I always say I color coordinate food and clothing!


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