Friday, July 8, 2011

It's not men and it's not PMS

In South Africa, we see television shows months after the fact or in some cases, years after the fact. We also see many re-runs of shows. 

We are great fans of sitcoms, which is why the whole family gathers around the television on Thursday nights to watch Mad About You.

The reason why I enjoy the show, is because it is such a humoristic look at real life and marriage in particular. My husband and I always give each other sidelong glances and "Hmmmm...typical man!" or "Ugh, women." comments.

Last night's show touched on something real in many of our lives. 

Whenever a women is in a bad mood, people (and men in particular) blame PMS. Women have retorted that it's not PMS, but men. Sometimes, our bad moods are caused by other things:  fashion disasters, nasty colleagues, bitchy bosses and the traffic. Perhaps if men had such complicated lives, they would understand better...

Jamie (played by Helen Hunt) cleared it up perfectly on last night's episode of Mad About You, when she stood towering over Paul (played by Paul Reiser) who was lying in bed, with a shoe in her hand. She said "It's  not men, and it's not PMS - it is high heel shoes!"

These shoes look more uncomfortable than any Gaga creation!

There is nothing as uncomfortable as a pair of uncomfortable shoes! 

Now we have all bought a cute pair of shoes that is a little too small, or uncomfortable in a different way. Do you wear them and if so, how do you ensure that they don't put you in a bad mood? If not,  what do you do?

Personally, I try to grin and bear it. The moment I get home, I kick them off and soak my feet in the foot spa.


  1. That image of what I assume are bound Chinese feet is wrong, wrong, wrong. Flashbacks to reading "The Good Earth" at age 10, eeek.

    And sometimes when a pair of shoes is too gorgeous to live without but too painful to wear, I just accept the fact that I'm meant to admire them as a work of art, on a shelf and not on my feet. Sad, but true :D

  2. LOL!! Love this - I've tortured my feet for years! I wear it them all - too big, too small - too tight ( nothing is ever too wide for my flippers!). But admittedly - I ended up with so many "gently worn" shoes that is why I started!

  3. I admit I used to torture my feet when I was in my early twenties - but now that I don't go to a fancy office everyday I most often wear flip flops and flats. I do like to put on my wedges occasionally I miss my heels, which happen to be in storage.


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