Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When it's a good time to expand on your shoe collection

Since I've become a beach bum, I have been living in slip slops and sometimes crocs - but mostly barefoot. 

When we went through a very rainy period, I thought of getting myself some wellies, but never got around to it. This week I sure wished that I did.

This week was a very eventful week weather wise in South Africa. For the first time in many, many years, the whole country (or most of it at least) is blanketed in thick snow. Usually, it only snows in the mountains of two of our provinces and there'd be a light snowfall in some of the colder towns. 

However, the last two days saw heavy waves caused by deep sea storms and this also brought about heavy snow across the country. (I sound like a weather-girl wearing fancy Loboutins there, don't I?) We had a lot of rain on the coast and it was cold with snow an hour away on both sides -  everywhere but here.

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So it happened yesterday that I had to drag my old New Balance trainers from the back of the closet to go buy some groceries. 

I guess the fact that I have not worn them in ages also gives away the fact that I have not trained in ages either. My feet immediately protested, but what could I do. I have only summery shoes and I was really trying to think positively - I wanted snow!

Arriving home, I couldn't wait to take the shoes off. My daughter started screaming hysterically "Mom, you are bleeding!" and I instinctively grabbed my neck to see if I was somehow decapitated without realizing it (the screaming equaled that type of emergency). Glad that my head was still attached, I checked the rest of my body, all the while shouting "Where? Where?" and her screaming "There! There!". That's the neurotic nines for you...

Finally, I realized that my heels were so badly blistered that they started bleeding. Thankfully it did not feel quite that sore. 

I guess it's time to be out with the old and in with the new. These old ones are clearly no good for swapping or selling on ITSDF, but I'll cry for a week when I toss them out. They still look so nice...

I'd love a pair of these:

Although I prefer New Balance - their shoes are wide and perfect for the fuller woman.

A fashion trend that has not yet (and will hopefully never will) caught on with me is the miniskirt / hotpants and bikini-top combo worn with Ugg boots. Did I mention that they do this in the middle of summer?

Call me old fashioned, but I'd rather wear jeans and a hoodie with Ugg boots - when it snows, only.

Meanwhile, I'm still sitting here waiting for snow, but the sky has cleared up and I think I am waiting in vain.

What is your favorite snow outfit?


  1. Hey Lizette - these might make you smile! just ask the seller if they will ship to you!

    Personally I love turtlenecks in the winter - and lots of layers - even in shoes/boots. I will wear my socks and boots wherever I'm going and in the car, just before I have to walk in I'll change into heels (I've even worn the boots in with my heels in my bag if the snow was deep)

  2. Sorry you have to experience snow Lizette! That is no fun when it is supposed to be summer but perhaps that is how your weather is there sometimes?

    I love wearing Uggs during the fall and winter. I even used to wear them in CA! They are so comfy with jeans and a sweatshirt. Oh I feel happy just thinking about it right now.

  3. Thank you, Ellen - will check those out!

    Sierra - sorry??? lol - no seriously, in SA we LOVE snow! It happens so rarely and we all dream of a white Christmas (but never, ever, ever see one) :(


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