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Benefits of a Garra Rufa Fish foot spa

It's one thing to get a pedicure in the summer, 
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Gaining Popularity

Garra Rufa fish therapy is considered to be one of the latest in exotic foot spa treatments. Spa owners are quickly realizing the benefits of this novel spa treatment and are taking advantage of the present demand by offering it to their clients. This somewhat unusual treatment utilizes the Garra Rufa fish, a bottom-feeding freshwater carp native to Turkey and the Middle East where it has been used for centuries in the treatment of skin conditions. Reports from those who have undertaken the procedure consider it amongst the best pedicure they have ever had. Spa clients immerse their feet in a warm water tank where a hundred or more tiny fish nibble away. It is a painless, albeit somewhat ticklish experience, as the little carp don’t bite; they have no teeth. They gently suck and lick your feet, eradicating dead skin cells softly and naturally. What you feel is a tingling sensation that imitates a stimulating, yet relaxing, foot massage, as the inch long fish run their little suction cup mouths over your tootsies.
This method of foot spa therapy offers clients the additional advantage of an organic method of exfoliation.

Save A Doctor Visit

Customers can enjoy supple skin after this service, which results in skin that is primed for easier moisture absorption. In addition, the Garra Rufa fish benefits individuals that require help to promote blood circulation. Garra Rufa fish are not only utilized for their benefits in the foot area, but they are also recognised for their benefits on the whole body. Spas are now offering Garra Rufa fish therapy which treats the body as a whole. These incredible tiny carp also mico-massage the skin, as they work diligently to exfoliate all the areas that they can reach. Individuals who have minor scars can look forward to the fading of these imperfections as well as the lightening of older scars with every treatment session. Dermatologists often recommend Garra Rufu treatment to patients that suffer from psoriasis and eczema all over their body. These tiny fish aid in the almost immediate relief of these medical conditions and can greatly improve these skin conditions over a certain period of time. This treatment has gained extreme popularity in individuals that suffer from calluses, corns, and bunions on their feet. These conditions can results from ill-fitting shoes and working long hours. If you have small feet, prevent damage by looking at quality
small shoes available online. In addition for those women who wear heels regularly, a Garra Rufa fish procedure can deliver soothing relief.

Soothing Relief

One of the biggest advantages of this unique therapy is the fact that it is a non-invasive skin detoxifier. It allows spa patrons the opportunity to experience a range of benefits without having to go “under the knife,” of having to hire a medical professional in order to find relief from certain skin conditions. Those that take advantage of Garra Rufa fish therapy enjoy smooth, clear, gorgeous skin, while having the opportunity to relax in their own personal soothing environment. Customers also enjoy the simple act of watching the fish hard at work. The Garra Rufa fish provide more than medical, topical, and dermatological benefits. They have the ability to bring a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation that brings any spa experience to the next level.

Lisa is a freelance health, beauty and fashion writer with over five years experience. She is currently writing on behalf of hand made stylish small shoes for women

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