Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jessica Simpson Offers Perfect Pumps

Whenever I go shopping I like to snap pics of pumps, especially if they are trendy or super cute. You all know my love for Jessica Simpson shoes, and coming across her pumps (especially new ones), are my favorite!

What I love about Jessica Simpson shoes is that they are all so creative and comfortable! To be honest the last time I've owned a pair of Jessica Simpson pumps was quite a few years ago...but a girl can appreciate them from afar, right? I think it's about time I own a pair of JS pumps and go out and have some fun with them on.
This is a picture I took in Nordstrom I believe when I saw this shoe design. It definitely looks better in person as opposed to on the website. I love the fun colors on the blue, yellow, and green shoe. I think JS definitely did a great job at infusing creativity into these pumps, don't you think?
This pump is my personal favorite. The blue suede and the peachy orange bottom part of the pump looks amazing. So I'm definitely ready to find a fun pair of pumps from Jessica Simpson. Are you?


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