Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Workwear Mistakes - What Not to Wear

  One challenge many of us face is how to stay stylish in the workplace 
without making mistakes--there are so many possible missteps! 
Today's guest blogger Lisa gives us some great ideas.
What do you think?
When deciding on your wardrobe for the day, there are several things to take into consideration. "The clothes make the man (or woman)" statement may not be as outdated as we may think.

  • The first thing to consider is the appropriateness of the outfit to the position. What may be acceptable for a position that is more behind-the-scene type jobs may not be fitting for a receptionist in a law firm. A good rule to follow is to watch how your supervisors dress and follow their lead.
  • One of the major workwear mistakes that are made is poor fitting clothing. Whether you are wearing a $50 suit or a $500 suit, it will not look right if the fit is poor. Too tight looks cheap and too big looks frumpy. Muffin tops are a definite no-no.

  • Check to make sure that undergarments are not showing. Bra straps that are exposed are not in the least attractive in the work place, not to mention the tops of panties or thongs.

  • While it may not be a good idea to underdress for the work place, it can be equally bad to overdress. Cocktail hour dresses do not belong in the office. If you want to be ready for a night on the town right after work, a great little black dress always works. The dress can later be accessorized to make it look a bit more formal.

  • Shoes are another tricky topic in the work place. There is nothing wrong with a nice pair of flats and you cannot go wrong with a nice pump and they will fit in with most work places. Strappy sandals are another one of those items that I feel is best left to after hours and don't even consider thong sandals in the office. I have actually heard of some workplaces that do not even allow open toe shoes at all.

  • Much of what you wear in the work place will depend on the type of work that you do. Jewelry that is constantly clanging and getting in your way may not be the best option as part of your wardrobe. The same is true of flowing scarves and hair that is constantly hanging in your face. Someone that constantly has to readjust their accessories or hair does not appear to be organized and efficient.

  • Fashions are constantly changing and most of the clothes out there are a lot of fun. Bright colors, scarves, bangles and sandals are great fun to wear and should be enjoyed, but depending on where you work, not in the work place.

Lisa is a freelance health, beauty and fashion writer with over five years of experience. She is currently writing on behalf of http://www.aplclothing.co.uk Corporate clothing and work clothes from top brands based in the UK.


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