Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet Summer Sandals

You all know about my obsession with flip flops and sandals, hence why I thought I would do a post on some seriously trendy shoes I'd love to wear this coming summer. Wearing shoes that keep my feet covered are nice when it's cold outside, but now that it's warming up I'd prefer to wear sandals that keep my feet cool. No more covering up my feet for me! So here are some sweet summer sandals that I have my eyes on...

These sandals from West Seal are really sweet looking. I especially like that they are pink and that they have lots of pretty ruffles!
Super comfy sandals from Footglove that have a soft footbed and are made out of leather?! Yes, please. I just wish they were available in the US. as opposed to the UK. I will have to look into that.
I also think that sandals below with pretty flowers and other fun elements are fun to wear during the summer time, like these sandals below.
What about this pair from Buckle? I'm loving the lace design and sweet accents. This is the perfect pair of summer sandals for me to wear.
I could show you more sandals that are adorable to wear, but this is a good amount of sandals to glance over and love for now. As the months get warmer and the styles get cuter, I might have to cave in and buy a few new pairs of sandals! I can't wait!


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