Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toppling off my wedge!

For some time now, I have been seeing wedge shoes everywhere I go. Usually when this type of thing happens, I take it as a message that I should wear them.

I've seen so many amazing pairs of wedges on ITSDF and then again when I walked past (yes, my miserly husband was with me, so I walked PAST) a shoe store with an amazing display of the most beautiful wedges I have ever seen. They were floral in all my favorite colors with amazing designs that transported me into girly heaven for a moment.
MIA - Papparazzi (Wheat Elastic) - Footwear
Some friends that we have not seen in a long, long time moved down to the coast at about the same time as we did and that's how we caught up with each other again. They invited us over to their home for an early dinner and to introduce the kids to one another.

That's how I decided to wear my (only) pair of wedges. For some crazy reason I simply can't walk in platforms. Give me Lady Gaga's highest heels and I'll walk in them, no problem. But platforms are a nightmare.

Sperry Top-Sider - Shoreham Wedge (Turquoise Madras Canvas) - Footwear
On arrival, my friend showed us around the house which happens to be massive. Her shoe closet is the size of my bedroom and houses around 500 pairs of shoes.

Finally we reached the lounge which leads to the deck where we were going to sit and I was so relieved that I increased my speed to get to safety on the slippery, gleaming tiles.

Then I slipped!!! I was gutted. One more step and I would've been out there safely. ONE STEP!

Thank goodness I had a cocktail in my hand and there was no way I was going to drop that. So somehow I managed to stay upright and I did not spill a single drop.
Lilly Pulitzer - Resort Chic Wedge Metallic (Chocolate) - Footwear
That's the end of my love affair with wedges (for the foreseeable future!).

Do you think wedges are comfy? More importantly - how do you walk in them? I'd love to hear your advice!


  1. First, thank goodness you didn't spill your drink :D

    And I'm the opposite - much steadier in platforms and wedges. Heels over 3" - well, the thinner the heel, the more difficult I find them to move easily in.

  2. I have to admit I love my heels rather than wedges - somehow my ankle doesn't feel right in wedges. Maybe it's the dancing in heels (even though I dance in lower heels)- who knows.

  3. I actually think wedges are more comfy for me then heels. It's weird, I used to think just the opposite but now wedges seem more level to me verses heels. Meaning, my feet aren't at such a slant.

    But - I can't wear heels more than 3" without my feet hurting. I can't wear heels for that long at that height now because I'm used to wear flats. Wedges are my friends but I think with both pairs of shoes practice makes perfect! ;) No more almost spilling drinks...lol


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