Friday, October 28, 2011

I'll Do My Laundry in Chinese Laundry Anytime!

Yes, my title may be a tad corny, but have you seen Chinese Laundry's selection of shoes? They have a variety of shoes to choose from, and I love their ease of style and fabulous fashion designs!

Since there are SO many Chinese Laundry shoes available...let's look at a few pairs that have caught my eye and what occasions they would work perfectly for!

Chinese Laundry Newbie
I think these boots are perfect for horse back riding.
I can picture myself on a horse galloping through the mountains...
I think these boots would do a perfect job at keeping my feet warm and safe at the same time!

Chinese Laundry Haylie 
Wouldn't this be a gorgeous shoe for a holiday party or celebration?
I'm in love!
The ruffles are just delicious, seriously.

Chinese Laundry Flashpoint 
I know it's not the summer anymore...
but wouldn't these shoes be perfect for the summer time?
Forget the summer, just head to the beach or Arizona during the fall and winter time!

Chinese Laundry Addie 
 Aren't the ruffles on these sweet flats adorable?
These are my ideal shoes for the fall time.
They keep your feet warm and they are comfy and stylish at the same time.
Plus they would complement an outfit of leggings and a sparkly grey top.

Chinese Laundry Swerve 
 I've been looking for a pair of rain boots that aren't too high (I'm not a fan of the high galoshes,) but I really like this pair. I actually just bought a pair of rain/snow shoes today at TJ Maxx. I'll be back in a future post to show you what they look like! Anyway, I think these boots are ideal for the wet days ahead, don't you?

So I hope you enjoyed a taste of the fashionable shoe accessories available from Chinese Laundry.

So I bet by now you can understand my corny title - 
next time I'm doing my laundry I'm wearing my Chinese Laundry shoes, lol! ;)

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  1. I love the Haylies - the pink ones- had my eye on them for a while - with the sale, I just might...


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