Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shoes That Fit The Mood

Today is one of the final warm days before the dreadful "cold monster" takes over Pennsylvania. This week has been beautiful so far and the weather just makes me want to call out of work, walk around outside and sip iced coffee while taking in the last few breaths of warm air.... but, everyone needs to pay the bills right? So I am sipping my iced coffee at the office and gazing out the window while doing my work of course! ;)

Since the past few days have been so great, I have taken the opportunity to spend every last minute of the warm weather with my classic black flats.

They are a staple and I just can't see my life without them. They are starting to fall a part, but I am not admitting to it...yet! They have taken me on many summer trips, walks around the mall, to the store for milk and even to a bar on a Friday night. They are my everything and exactly what I need this week!

Knowing that the cold weather is right around the corner, I have been hitting the snooze EVERY morning and I just can't deal with it right now. I am in the mood where I need comfort. I want to hold on to every warm moment and I am hesitant to face what's next. I just feel somewhat kiddish. I want to hide under the covers and go back to when picking my outfits out for a college class was the worst of my worries. Ahhhh the memories!

My mood this week may be trying to tell me something deeper about my future, but just like I said, I am hiding right now and I just want the comforts that make me feel safe... my flats of course! So I will wear them the rest of the week before the cold air blows in and the future starts to unveil. Soon I will put the black beauties away in the closet and become bolder and fierce to face what's coming next.

What will my mood be next week? You will just have to wait and see...

This will be a weekly post of the shoes that fit my mood for the current week. I hope everyone enjoys it and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and shoes with everyone!

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  1. Black flats are amazing, especially the really comfy ones. I have a few pairs that I adore as well. They are great for the winter time like you said! - Sierra


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