Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uggilicious - All About Uggs

I love Uggs. Let me repeat. I absolutely love Uggs. They never disappoint me or my feet during the winter. Whenever I've been in Utah my feet get down right cold due to the cold temps. Now that winter is approaching you better believe I'll be wearing Uggs most of the days I'm there. I have a basic black pair of flat Uggs that I'm in love with. They are super comfy and really easy to slip in and out of.

Uggs are also wonderful because they don't allow your feed to get sweaty. The materials that they are made out of keep away the sweat and instead just keep your feet nice and warm! I admit I've made the mistake and have worn them in CA before during warmer days and my feet do get a bit over heated. But sometimes it's hard to tell if the temp is going to go from cold to hot, which it most often does in Southern CA. In the morn it may be cold due to a chill in the air from the humidity and the fog that rolls in from the ocean. By the evening or early lunch time though, it can heat up rather quickly. During the "winter" it really doesn't get that hot anyway (well I guess according to CA standards - 70's) so it's alright to wear Uggs. However, like I said, you have to be on top of the weather and know how warm it will be that day or use your best judgement.

But anyway, for Utah you can pretty much guarantee you will need Uggs during the winter. Especially after a heavy snow fall. Just be careful that you don't fall - Uggs are made with good traction but like any shoes, sometimes it is still easy to take a tumble and slip on the ice. That would hurt! Believe me, I've done it. ;)

Now...there are a few styles I don't really care for. Let me show you and I'd love to hear your thoughts:

Sheepskin Cuff Boot - look a little scary to me. ;)
Maylin for Women - With this shoe I don't care
for the furry shearling cuff on the outside.
I'm kind of torn about this shoe. I don't know if the heel would be that comfortable and again, I'm not sure about the sheepskin fleece on the outside. However, according to the Women's Lynnea description, you can wear this shoe with either the fleece folded in or out.

So here are some Uggs that I adore...
Ugg sneakers with comfy suede lining? Yes please. 
Also - they are a slip-on shoe and have sparkles! Oh my goodness!
I like the fact that these shoes are casual yet still have a little bit of a heel. 
They'd be really cute under a pair of jeans.
 Love these and I have them in black.
This is what I mentioned earlier.
They are easy to slip on and easy to slip off. 
Plus they go with mostly every outfit.

So what do you think of Uggs? 
Do you wear warm shoes during the winter?

I can understand if some people don't want their feed to get too warm, however did you know that a lot of the heat from your body escapes from your head as well as from your feet? So it's definitely important to keep your feet warm during the fall and winter time and I can think of no better way to accomplish this then by investing in some comfy and soft Uggs.

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