Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Does Your Man Influence Your Style?

Last week we were on our way to watch a new movie with the children and I was getting ready to go. It started with a great bath and some girl-time with my mini-stylist and getting her all ready and then she assisted me in an advisory capacity to get myself all prettied-up.

As I did my hair, she asked why I decided to tie it up. At first I wanted to leave it loose and curly, but since it was a particularly windy day I decided to tie it in a bun instead with a mumbled "Your dad won't like it too much, but I've got to tie it up if I don't want to blow away." Her "..so?" was lost on me as I applied make-up.

So it went all through make-up, accessories until eventually, we reached the shoes and I couldn't decide which shoes to wear. By this time the whole family was ready to leave and just waiting for me. I asked for everyone's input. Of course, my darling little girl wanted me to wear my most extravagant (and totally unsuitable for a Saturday morning) shoes.

My boy (with his cute little head in his own little world as always) mumbled something about the television games not wearing shoes. Hubby hurriedly suggested sneakers while dangling the keys and I could not make up my mind. Flats, flip-flops, sneakers or stilettos (as per Daughter's suggestion).

Finally, I grabbed the sneakers to vehement protests from Debbie. The conversation went as such:

Debbie (disgusted):  "Mom WHY are you wearing those?"

How do you explain to a 9-year old that you are too lazy to walk in good-looking shoes and your tired feet just wanted the comfort of warm socks (yes, Summer is not quite here yet) and comfy sneakers? Even worse, how do you admit that a guy's suggestion makes sense?

Me:  "Because."

Debbie: "WHY because? You always say because is not an answer."

Me:  "Because your dad said I should. That's why."

Debbie:  "Well, since when do you listen to a man. You're a WOMAN, you should make your OWN choices when it comes to style!"

So young and such a little feminist already... But she makes a good point. To what extent does your man influence your style?

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