Monday, June 13, 2011

Lady Gaga's shoes - hot or not?

Lady Gaga is known for her weird and wacky fashion sense about as well as she is for her vocal talents. She uses the two in conjunction to propel her popularity to heights most of us can only dream of.  Love her or hate her - she is successful and it is in hugely attributed to her talent for creating controversy, her singing and her interesting shoes.

The Lady is also a bit of an enigma as few people are brave enough to follow in her - weird - footsteps.

We all had Rachel do's in the 90s and in 2011 we all want Kate shoes following the Royal Wedding, but despite Lady Gaga's new shoe line hitting the catwalks, few are brave enough to walk in her (really high, mostly heel-less) shoes.

For the purposes of this post I will try stick to the prettier of styles and those are the least gravity defying.

These don't seem too uncomfortable...

For these you need some serious balance...
Who could forget the famous meat dress?  

Sadly, this pair won't be able to endure the shipping process, but they have stock at your local butchery. (Assembly excluded)

This was probably a precursor of the artist's more... bloodthirsty tendencies. Not long after, followed her new perfume:

During her recent appearance at American Idol, Lady Gaga wore a pair of very - erect heels which scored mixed reviews. From disgusted, to shocked to those who wanted a pair. 

So what is your take? Will you wear Gaga shoes and if so, which pair?


  1. WOW!!! I hadn't seen those last ones yet - um - not sure I really wanted to... I WON'T be following in her shoes. Good for her for being true to her own style, but I am certainly someone who dances to my own drum in my own heels.

  2. Yeah, some of those are pretty extreme. I saw some pretty cool thigh boots, black with white laces, but if my calves are too big (and she's got some really skinny legs - lol) then we won't even talk about my thighs. :(

  3. Wow there is no way I could pull off her style, let alone her shoes! I do give her props for her bold and fun personality. I know her uniqueness and uh, weirdness has taken her far! ;) Great post!


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