Friday, June 10, 2011

Should I break down and get some Wellies?

Sierra and I have a lot in common. We are both blonde and we both live on the coast. But where I am, it is not nearly as summery as it is in California where she lives. The entire South Africa is cold, rainy and miserable at the moment, which is not really the norm, but I guess Mother Nature is trying to confuse us all.

Apart from shoes, there's only one thing that can put a smile on a girl's face and that is a chocolate cupcake.

However, when the taste has left, reality sets back in and we want something else. What is it about winter that makes us want comfort food and retail therapy? Speaking of retail therapy, I saw a pair of boots the other day (a particularly warm day, as luck would have it) that I adored. They looked similar to the pair below, but with floral embroidery and finishes. 

I didn't buy them because: 1)  Who wears boots in this weather and 2) My calves... my dear, big, athletic calves don't fit into ANY boots and they had no wide calf options available. 

To add to my ongoing "what shoes to wear" crises, the out-of-season rain has increased in volume and intensity over the last week or two. My beautiful boots would have been messed up if I walked down the stairs to the street.

That's when I found the perfect solution, which is suitable for summer and winter alike. 

Imagine them with skinny jeans or denim hot pants (not that I'll ever wear those again)...

For my more glamorous friends there is the wedge wellies - in pink of course:

And of course the kitten heel wellies:

I must say I really like these shoes for wet weather. They are strong, comfortable, waterproof, warm and durable. They are also cute - I love the rock star  / cowgirl feel of boots and think I should grab myself a pair, really soon.

That's hoping that I can get my calves into them...


  1. Oooh I love all of these wellies and I especially like the floral pair! You should most definitely break down and buy a pair! With all of the rain we've been experiencing, I need a pair too!

  2. I eyed Hunter boots for a while and wouldn't you know when I decided to go for them I discovered that the originals were too tall and tight in the calves, the short ones I did not like, and the wider calf ones came in boring colors. I took this as a sign that they were not meant for me. A week later I came across some fun colored, stylish Marc by marc jacobs boots for @$25 and bought two pairs. I love them and lived in them all wet winter days, the dry ones were spend in my Uggs.

  3. What a perfect site! I love a blog all about shoes! What girl doesn't? Can't wait to read more!


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