Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jessica Simpson's Fashion Empire, Starring Her Shoes

Happy Friday! So I have a question. What do you think about these shoes? Do you know who the designer is? It is none other than Jessica Simpson! I absolutely love Jessica Simpson shoes. Fresh out of college, I worked as a coordinator in a Residential Management Company, and I wore a pointy gold pair of heels by Jessica Simpson. I wore them the entire year I worked there until they were worn out! Since they were my first "official" pair of work pumps, I saved them. Yes, I get sentimental about my shoes. However, I also am still sentimental about them because I happen to love Jessica Simpson. 
Yes, laugh if you want, but ever since I was a young teenager, I listened to Jessica Simpson's first album and first hit: "I Wanna Love You Forever." She is the only singer/actress/designer that I have truly kept up to date on all of her news. I admit, through the years Jessica Simpson has gone through her good times and bad (ie The Newlyweds and the demise of her marriage to Nick Lachey,) but she's always come out strong. New York Fashion cites that Jessica Simpson's fashion empire is worth one billion dollars. WOW! That's proof right there that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Her music and movies may have not won the crowd over, but her fashion line certainly did. My favorite part of her fashion line? You guessed. it...the shoes. Let's take a look at a few other pairs I am currently lusting over.

So all of the shoe pictures you see above are just some of her shoes. Out of all of the designer shoes I own, Jessica Simpson's shoe line are close to being my favorite, because they are affordable, comfortable, and her style is just amazing. The girl has major fashion sense!
I have a goal for the If The Shoe Doesn't Fit sellers though. They need to post some Jessica Simpson shoes for auction, and pronto! Do you know of anyone who is looking to get rid of some Jessica Simpson shoes? Because I'd be happy to take the many many shoes off of their shoe plate! ;) Shoes can always help rescue a woman in need and in this case, they certainly have rescued Jessica Simpson.


  1. I also LOVE Jess and her shoes. You are right, she always comes out strong on the other side and we do too!

  2. I love the her heels - they are made from a woman's perspective - but I also have a pair of patent leather flats from her collection and they are soooo comfy! Yes Jess!

  3. Jessica's shoes are fantastic! I own a few and are well made. I feel she has been successful partly because she has a true passion for shoes and puts thought into her designs and what's sold. Great post! xoxo

  4. Thanks ladies, glad to hear that there are other JS shoe lovers out there!

  5. Yay! More shoe lovers the better! :)


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