Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brides and Their Delightfully Colored Wedding Shoes

Summer is finally here (well, for most of us,) and for many people, they love to get married during the warm months! I personally would like to get married in a cooler climate such as the 70s or 80s, which would perhaps put me into the Fall time in certain states. I don't think I could stand to be married in the blazing hot temps of 90 or above, especially if it was outside!

I don't know if you are familiar with the website Pinterest, but I happen to be addicted to this site. It's so much fun to "pin" pictures from the web, not only to organize you photos into different folders while dreaming, but to know exactly where they come from simply by clicking on the photo. It will bring you straight to the website, which is fantastic because you can keep track of the correct source! Anyway, lately I've seen several wedding photos of brides with the most gorgeous shoes, and specifically a lot of shoes with color!

I think the shoes on a bride's feet show off her personality. If you are a sassy bride you might want to wear hot pink shoes or a pair of Nike shoes with hot pink shoe laces! If you are an elegant bride you might go for a classic designer in a beige pair of heels. Or, you might be somewhere in between and decide to wear a sparkly pair of flip flops. Whatever you decide, I truly think that any type of shoe will flatter your wedding dress because you are wearing something that compliments you. I'm thinking that walking down in a pair of flats as opposed to a pair of heels might be more comfortable, but you might be able to find a comfy pair of pumps that are bright and fun, so never say never! :)

As I mentioned, I've been seeing a lot of photos with brides in brightly colored shoes. I am loving this trend and I happen to think a splash of color is exactly what a white wedding dress needs. Plus it's so playful and fun! Most of the time the audience won't see the shoes anyway until after the wedding when the bride can reveal her shoes. In a way a bride's brightly colored shoes are her best kept secret! They are also a silent delight to the bride who is wearing them as walks down the aisle and later dances with her groom. Let's look at some photos that I found that represent some shoe color inspiration!
This beautiful bride is in her element in her bright pink heels. The gorgeous ruffled elements on her heels seem to pop with color in every direction.
Similar to the hot pink pumps, these light pink shoes are very elegant and classy. I love the ruffles and how it ties in perfectly with the bottom part of her wedding dress.
Purple pumps are just darling and look at the bouquet!! The jewel and bow on her heels seals the deal.
Green is very earthy and these pair of shoes almost look vintage - I love the feeling that they give you by simply glancing at them on her feet. You can see the trees in the distance.
Blue pumps!! That's what I am talking about. The heels are a bit more thicker, which would make it easier to walk down the aisle as opposed to skinny heels. I love the pure joy that is on this bride's face!

So what do you think of wearing colored and bright shoes for your wedding day?

Even if you aren't getting married, would you wear a colored pair of heels with your wedding dress?

I definitely would love to consider wearing a pair of heels that are either hot pink or blue someday. I love that these brides aren't afraid of color. It's daring, bold, and beautiful, all at the same time.


  1. Oh no! You have confused me! I LOVE the first 3 pairs, but I can barely do my dream renewal of vows on the beach in those... Gonna have to adjust my plans!

  2. I love the color - who says the shoes have to be white? Even at so-called traditional weddings people are breaking all the "rules" - yah! Now if I could just find a man....

  3. Great idea, no rules as to what color shoes you should wear.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a super weekend.

  4. Lizette - you'll have to keep us updated and I'm sure you will look beautiful no matter what you decide to wear! ;)

    Speaker in Heels - Yay for breaking the rules and hope a nice man comes your way...

    sexylegsandbody - thanks for the comment! :)


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