Friday, June 17, 2011

Creative Shoe Illustrations

Lately I've seen some fabulous shoe fashion illustrations. Not just alright shoe illustrations, but out of this world, I would love to see this on my feet illustrations. I sometimes wonder how it would be to be a designer who has the world at their fingertips due to their talent. If only I could just sit down and design shoes from my mind, and then put it on paper, making it into a masterpiece.

I wonder what goes through a designer's mind as they create a new design. They get to pick out their choice of color, the amount of lace, strap, tulle, or bling. They get to decide weather it will be edgy, elegant, sweet, or sexy. Perhaps their new design will become a hit and sell out and their fans will insist more. Or perhaps their design will be a flop, and they have to pick up the pieces and design again. As their hand draws the shoe, their mind contemplates what the results will be. But they don't give up - because they want to succeed in this fashion world.

I've actually taken a few watercolor courses and seeing all of these amazing pumps and art wants me to pick it up again. I consider myself artistic and creative, but I don't draw that well. I think perhaps I should take a drawing course in the near future to explore how to draw shoes like this! Or at least attempt it because I don't think it would look nearly as good as these talented illustrators.

I never think it's too late to explore a new hobby, because you might become great at sometimes you never though you would be great at. Even though these illustrators are obviously talented, I'm sure their drawings also took a lot of practice. Any type of hobby, in my opinion, takes a lot of dedication if you want to succeed. Unless you just want to do it because you enjoy it, which is also fun. You always don't have to be fantastic at something to enjoy it.

So what do you think of fashion and shoe illustrations in particular? Could you see yourself drawing an illustration like above? I wish I could! I may not be able to draw them, but I can definitely wear them.