Thursday, November 17, 2011

Working on My Fitness with Speedy Athletic Shoes

Through the years I've gone through many athletic shoes. It's hard finding the ideal pair that are comfortable for your feet and makes you feel speedy while working out. During High School I wore Nike shoes. I thought they were really comfortable, but that was when I was under the influence on what my parents thought I should wear. Not that I have anything against Nike (I actually have a pair of shoes in the mail that should be arriving soon...) but later after college I fell in love with different brands of new athletic shoes as well.

Then after college, I started to run half marathons. I ran a total of 3 half marathons until my right leg developed tendonitis. Unfortunately today I've been unable to run marathons after injuring my leg. However, I still try to workout 4-5 days at the gym. It's hard with running though, once you have to stop it's hard to retain it. Hence why I don't run anymore (more than 1-2 miles), except if you count the elliptical or the stair master, ha ha.

But back to shoes...when I started running half marathons my boyfriend suggested that I were Asics. I fell in love with ASICS. Not only were they comfy, but they didn't give me blisters during my runs. One pair of shoes in particular I wore during two half marathons. You're only supposed to wear a pair of running shoes for one half marathon, but I loved this pair so much that I wore them for two. Since then I had to let my favorite pair of shoes go. I have a hot pink pair left and a basic pair of Asics and they both are great.
So know that you know the history of my athletic shoes...what shoes do I want in the future? Well, you already know that I have a pair of Nike shoes coming in the mail. I got them on sale from Bloomies. The second pair I want is the pair that you see above: Asics GEL-Finite Black/Hot Pink. I LOVE the hot pink on them!! For one last pair that I want...

A pair of Nike Free shoes! My brother has a pair of Nike Free shoes and they are so lightweight! I'd love to purchase a pair of these in the near future. Even though I don't run as much as I used to, I still like to wear comfy running shoes to the airport and of course to work out. They're even great to run errands in!

Tell me about your favorite pair of athletic shoes!


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