Tuesday, November 29, 2011

House Party Shoes!

So I'm having a huge house party this Saturday night... I do this twice a year, it's my chance to catch up with family and friends and see everyone. OK, and let's be honest it's also my chance to let loose and overindulge a bit! And by a bit - I mean to excess... but enough said about that...

Every time I have one of these parties, I start the night off in a pair of amazing shoes that I love - usually my newest acquisition like these which I adore -

Luichiny Kir Sten (Women's) - Multi Rock Glitter

But after about three or four Milky Way Martinis and a couple of hours of visiting, I can't walk in them, let alone stand in them - so I don't look so sophisticated any more.  Instead I end up barefoot or in my fuzzy slippers!

This party I'm thinking of trying to wear some cool shoes with lower heels: comments and input appreciated!

I could try these Chinese Laundry flats:

Chinese Laundry Addie

Or these from Chinese Laundry:
Chinese Laundry Glamor

But I'm not sure either feel dressy enough for me.

These are cute - but I'm not sold on the color:

Erna - Bronze Mauve Glitter

I like these J. Renee - cuz they still have a heel...
J. Renee Rosina (Women's) - Gold Glitter Fabric

This pair of J. Renee looks kinda vintage to me... so maybe I could build an outfit around them...

J. Renee Affair (Women's) - Gold Dance Glitter Fabric

Bottom line - I dunno what I'll be wearing on Saturday - for shoes or an outfit - but I'll definitely be having fun. Any suggestions or ideas appreciated!


  1. I love Chinese Laundry - cute party shoes!

  2. So I ended up in Steve Madden criss cross gray platform booties with 4.5 inch heels and lasted through 4 Jaegermeister shots and 1 milkyway martini... then I I lost my balance and switched to the chinese laundry flats! A good time had by all! Only twice I year I let loose!


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