Sunday, November 13, 2011

Funky Shoes - Would you wear them?

Funtasma Circus 25 (Women's) - Red/Blue/Yellow Patent  Crazy hairstyles, weird nail polish and cool clothes - those were the things we did as teenagers.

When I was young cool shoes like these were not around.

I absolutely adore the pair to the right, but I do wonder where I would wear it to and what with - other, of course than a fancy dress party.

The bottom pair would work with jeans, I guess.

There is no denying that these shoes are bold and it would require a bit of confidence to stroll around in them. You will certainly make an entrance to remember.

My question to you - would you wear them?  What will you wear them with?

Cape Clogs Puzzle Piece (Infants') - Multi Yellow/Red/Blues

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