Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shoe Buying Basics

As most readers have probably realized by now, I have been living a rather sheltered, reclusive and eccentric lifestyle up until now. But enough of that now - I need a change!

In order to make this transition into the sexy, energetic and hip mommy I would like to be, I need your advice.

I have been given an awesome gift - shoe vouchers! The plan is to purchase a few pairs of basic shoes to fit in with my new lifestyle. When I say basic shoes, I mean shoes that are versatile and suitable for a range of occasions.

My new lifestyle will include exercise, socializing, entertaining, smart-casual training sessions and excursions for school with the kids. Any suggestions on must-have clothes and accessories to match these shoes will be most appreciated. I am very indecisive and not quite in the position to buy one in each color.

Also, since I am short and chunky (at the moment - busy losing weight), I will need transitional shoes and clothes.  If you think anything will make my legs look bigger (I have huge calves) or be uncomfortable - please advise!

Chinese Laundry Willy

I love these, but they are so delicate that my wide, flat feet will simply rip them apart in a day. Perhaps the pair to the right will be better able to handle my weight. Additionally, the ankle strap is great for breaking up cankles.

Black is very practical, but what other colors are great and match with everything?
Chinese Laundry Shameless

New Balance Classics NB410 Womens Athleisure Women Grey/PinkOf course we have to fit a pair of NewBalance trainers in there somewhere! 

Oh yeah! I can see myself traipsing around museums and factories and wherever the home school excursions take us in the shoes below!

Dr. Scholls Jayleen Athleisure, Flats Women Grey/Pink
For casual girls' lunches or chilling at home, I think these
leopard print ballet flats will do the trick.

Aerosoles Bec 2 Differ Flats Women Leopard, Grey Fabric, Black Combo

Over to you - what are your favorite basic shoes?


  1. As much as I also love black shoes - I have a zillion pair - it is true that nude and lighter toned shoes elongate the leg. Since I have been cursed with cankles, I find that nude pumps vs black pumps actually make them less noticable. Of course on my less conservative or self conscious days- I love my red, purple and crazy colors as well - cankles be danged!

  2. Right now I still love my flats and flipflops. But ever since it's gotten a lot colder in UT I've been wearing my Uggs. Those keep my feet cozy warm!


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