Saturday, November 19, 2011

Frumpy mumzies should practice wearing heels once in a while

And I speak from experience...

Working from home and running after my kids all day means that I have to ensure that I wear comfortable shoes - when I actually have time to put shoes on. The sad truth is that I tend to lean towards the frumpy side, which wouldn't be a problem if I weren't a business woman too.  I absolutely adore heels, but the opportunity to wear them does not represent itself often.
Ellie Flamingo-415 (Women's) - Black Sequins
I was so excited to be invited to a business networking breakfast this week for 2 reasons:

1)  A break from the mundane
2)  The delicious food the hotel is known for, enjoyed with a spectacular ocean view

However, this was not on my mind when I put on my highest heels, which I used to wear with no problem years ago.  It felt uncomfortable right away, but I thought I would keep it on and hopefully adjust to it.

But, oh dear, was that the worst idea or what?

I wished the time away and walked so carefully so as not to slip that it was the only thing I could think of.

Afterwards, I approached Ellen for advice and this is what she said:

It’s really about learning to shift your weight in a different way.  Most of us are back weighted meaning we tend to lean back a bit when we stand and walk – and when we put on heels they automatically shift us forward.  This feels awkward and so you have to find a new balance point – for some people it means leaning into the shoe, for others it is leaning back a small amount but these are subtle adjustments to your posture – and once you get used to it walking is easier.

So as an early New Year's resolution, I have decided to invest in some better shoes to wear around home to get used to heels.

Funtasma Anchor 22 (Women's) - Blue/White PatentThis might just be a stylish "trainer" shoe - the strap means that the shoes will not go flying as I walk - LOL!


  1. I hardly wear heels at all anymore and I think I would feel the same way! Good job with trying to train yourself to wear heels again...I suppose I do wear heels with my cowgirl boots (lol) but I don't wear "heels" in general anymore. I would be in the same boat. You can do it!

  2. Gee - I feel honored being quoted tee hee! Seriously though - I've seen some people say it's all about leaning forward, others say about leaning back - but really it is different for everyone because we all stand differently to begin with. Find your center in your regular shoes, or in your bare feet and the key is to find it again in heels so you can feel comfortable. And then again, some styles are just not suited for some people no matter how much you try - I never feel comfortable in wedges - I always feel better in a heel. It's all individual!

  3. PS - any reason to buy new shoes is a good one - so practice shoes work for me! :-)


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