Monday, November 7, 2011

Review of Two New Comfy Late Fall Shoes

Recently I found myself in TJ Maxx looking at shoes. I've been looking for two different types of shoes lately and I was lucky enough to find both of them in one trip! I have a hard time purchasing shoes for their full price, so instead I always try to find them on sale.

So you are probably wondering what I was looking for. Well, the first pair of shoes I was looking for were moccasins. I think they are the comfiest shoes and worn with the right outfit, they look so adorable! The second pair of shoes that I was on the hunt for was waterproof boots or rain boots. I'm not a huge fan of the really tall rain boots so I was looking for something shorter and stylish.

What did I find? 
The first pair I came home with is a pair of Sporto boots. This pair of warm boots are exactly what I was looking for. They're comfy, cute, and I love the plaid lining. I wouldn't recommend wearing them for a mile walk or more (I tried this while I was at my cabin in Idaho with my mom and they started rubbing against my heels.) But they are great for briefly walking in the snow, slush, or rain without worrying about getting your feet wet. They are also ideal for cold, rainy, or snowy climates.

Plus they keep your feet warm, but I think next time I wear them I'll wear them with thicker socks. I think that might help with the rubbing problem I encountered. They didn't rub on my calves though and my toes had plenty or room. These shoes are great for ladies with thicker and athletic legs like me. :)
 Sorry this picture is a bit upside down. It came from my Droid phone. :) 

Here's a few pictures of my moccasin shoes by Minnetonka.
I think these shoes are extremely comfy and I love the design on the toes. They are made out of leather and the beading details are just gorgeous. I'm usually a size 8 but I managed to fit into a size 7 1/2. I admit I haven't worn these yet but tried them on at the store and I loved wearing them. I think they will go perfectly with a pair of jeans and my new Free People tops for an uber-chic look.
Have you bought any new shoes for the fall and winter time? 

What brand name and how do you like them? 

I'd love to hear all about them!

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