Friday, October 5, 2012

How To Wear Your Shoes

Knowing how to wear the right shoes with
an outfit is important. Here are some ideas from
a regular contributor to our blog Claire Hunter 

As you know there are many different types of shoes on the market. Heels, boots, slippers, flats, wedges, stilettos, courts, the list is endless. So how do you know which shoes to wear with each of your outfits? Well once you have pulled out all of your clothing, shoes and accessories, you can read here on how to wear each pair and with what type of clothing. 

Now I would consider wedges to be more of a summer shoe. So with these I would choose perhaps a summery dress, denim jacket, perhaps a fedora hat and a small day time clutch bag. Finish with some cute bracelets and you are on to winning summer time outfit. Match the color of your wedges with your dress or bag and you will look even more on trend during those sunny months of the year.

Courts or Pumps
High heeled courts or pumps are perfect for nights out or formal evening occasions. If you are off to a party or just a few clubs and bars for the night, wear with a body con dress in your favorite color. Mixing colors will add a little more fun to your look so be bold with something bright. If you are heading to something a little more formal then perhaps opt for a midi or mid length dress in a subtle shade such as black, navy or dark purple. Choose a clutch bag in a matching color to the shoes and accessorize with small pieces of jewelery.

Ballet Flats
Probably the most comfortable shoes of them all are the ballet flats or pumps as some people like to call them. They will always look stylish during the day worn with a pair of skinny jeans, a simple t shirt and a blazer jacket. Finish with a large oversized tote bag and if it is sunny out, pop some super huge shades on for a touch of glam style. Gabor shoes have some fantastic pairs on offer at the moment that feature in all the latest shades.

Winter was made for boots. From ankle length to knee high, all styles look great worn during the colder months of the year. Wear with a floaty skirt and a fitted top for a day to night look. Accessorize with patterned scarves, tights and cute hats during the day for a casual appearance. For a glam night look add some sparkly jewelery and a small clutch bag. 

Claire Hunter, enjoys writing about everything and anything. Her favourite topic, and one she writes about the most, is fashion but she also likes to write about home wares, gadgets, technology, gift ideas, food and culinary. She hopes you enjoy reading her blog post. 

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