Monday, October 22, 2012

Five Must Have Styles

We all love shoes and want to have lots of them, but we can’t always afford to have a zillion pair.  So here are my five styles of “must have” shoes.
Classics. A great looking pair of classic pumps a staple for every wardrobe.  These are your “go to” interview and business shoes.  Preferably in a dark color such as black, with a medium heel, these shoes will work well with any dress or suit.  They are great for making a positive first impression at a meeting or presentation.  Just be sure you choose a pair that is not only great looking, but comfortable as well.  
Christin Michaels - Elektra Pump (Grey Patent) - Footwear
Casual and comfy! Another must have shoe is one to wear when your feet need a rest.  These can be comfortable boots or even some brands that now make comfort shoes – but you definitely need something that will let your feet feel as good as they look.
Think! Aida 85243 (Women's) - Schoko/Kombi

Sneakers. You still need to exercise and go to the gym. While you will not wear sneakers with your stylish jeans, you still need sneakers for exercising and walking outside. There are lots of different sneakers on the market now - pick the ones that fit you, your personality, and that fit your exercise routine.
New Balance Classics - ML574 (Red Textile) - Footwear
A pair of dressy heels.  Every woman needs a pair of dressy heels to wear for a night out on the town.  These could be a strappy pair of sandals or even a fancy pump, but they are usually a higher a heel which makes a woman taller and feel more sexy and confident.  Sparkles, glitter and rhinestones make a great dressy shoe and in a pinch, a jazzy shoe clip can be added to a classic pump to dress it up.
BCBGeneration Parade (Women's) - Matte Bronze Party Glitter
Color! The last pair of “must have” shoes for every woman is a pair of colorful shoes.  Think about it, what gal wasn’t in love with Dorothy’s ruby red slippers?  Yes, we all love color!  Red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, neon, or pastels, solids or patterns, as long as they make us feel good. They don’t have to match anything or even be a specific style – just be filled with color! Colorful shoes have that special spark that let us think we can click our heels and something magical will happen.  Who knows, maybe something will!
BCBGeneration Cielo (Women's) - Neon Orange Patent
Which of these shoes do you have in your closet? Or what favorite styles of yours did I miss?

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