Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shoes for Halloween

Halloween is about to arrive once again, and with all the storms and craziness you may be doing some last minute scratching your head for costume ideas.  I’ve always found that I can start with my shoe closet and build a costume from there.  Here are a couple of examples to give you some ideas. 

Ruby Red Slippers: Ok so not everyone has their very own pair of sequined ruby red shoes like I do, but any red pumps will do.  Throw on a pair of blue ankle socks and put them on.  I realize that not everyone has a Dorothy dress in your closet, but a simple dress with an apron over it can work in a pinch.  Add a stuffed dog in any type of basket you may have hanging around the house and you can pass for Dorothy or at least be her cousin! 

Cowboy Boots: Grab a pair of cowboy boots, a pair of jeans, and a western shirt if you have one.  If you don’t have the western shirt wear a t-shirt and a bandanna.  If you prefer you can always go as the sexy cowgirl and dress up the outfit. 

Sneakers: Put on a pair of sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt and go as an Olympic athlete of some sort.  You can grab a tennis racket or write a number on your arm and be a marathon runner. 

Business shoes: Whether you are male or female you can throw on a pair of business shoes and dress up as the opposite sex.  It’s  fun and easy and usually not what people are expecting, although it may require borrowing some clothing from a friend or roommate.  

So what are your ideas for last minute Halloween costumes and what shoes will you wear?

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