Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AW12 Style with Designer Shoes

 Claire Hunter, a regular contributor to our blog,
 has some tips for the upcoming season!
Have you seen the latest looks on offer? Checked out all the current collections? Scoured the net for pictures from the AW12 (autumn / winter 2012) catwalk shows? Well then you are one prepared fashionista, just like all the designer stores up and down the country and across the web. Search for any kind of clothing shop and you will come across a plethora of styles and looks that have taken inspiration from the autumn / winter 2012 trends. If you are after updating your wardrobe or fancy having a little splurge on some of the new seasons looks, then go for it. Right now it is a good a time as ever to revitalize your style.

With the colder weather, most of us change our looks anyway. Different makeup looks, nail colors and hair styles all come with the change of the season. Bright pink lips turn red and sultry, black eyeliner is chosen in favor of bold eye shadows and blondes all seem to burn into brunettes and red heads. It’s like instinct, perhaps it is the weather that does it to us, or at least we can blame it on that when we are having a spend up on new styles.

The new season looks are looking beautiful too. Autumn always brings a stunning selection of cozy clothing and comfortable fashion. Which is something we all love don’t we? Footwear has also had an AW12 overhaul, yet with a few summer looks crossing over. The trainer wedges are here to stay for another season as well as the studded boots that have been everywhere the past few months. But of course some new looks have come to the forefront of the fashion scene.

The party heels are in, ready in preparation for the Christmas gatherings and some casual boots which will be ideal for autumn walks and winter strolls. Imagine them teamed with leggings, woolly jumpers, coats, scarves and knitted hats, perfect. Check any womens designer shoes collection and you will come across these looks and many more. Autumn / winter is going to be a great season for style yet again!

Claire Hunter, enjoys writing about everything and anything. Her favourite topic, and one she writes about the most, is fashion but she also likes to write about home wares, gadgets, technology, gift ideas, food and culinary. She hopes you enjoy reading her blog post.  

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