Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Shoe Quotes

Amazing shoe quotes we love from the documentary 
"God Save My Shoes"

Some people design shoes, like pieces of art, but we don't know what to wear it with. Except if you wear them with nothing. ~Walter Steiger 

The shoe is like a magic wand. It’s a tool of self-transformation.
~ Bruno Frisoni 

Women continue to be naked even with shoes on.
~Christian Louboutin

When you’re removing your shoes, there’s the possibility you might remove more.
~Dita Von Teese 

When you’re going on that first date, the perfect pair of shoes is so important for you to feel that sensuality. 

It has something to do with you put it on and you walk differently and that provokes the senses in a man
~Manolo Blahnik  


  1. These quotes are so so true! Just what every shoe lover needs to read. Have a great day!




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