Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Your Wardrobe Should Definitely Include Knitwear in 2012

Staying fashionable is about more than just shoes 
(yes, I actually said that), and today's guest blogger Elliott Jones
helps us understand why knitwear is a critical part of our 2012 wardrobes! 

Knitwear has sometimes had to live with the tag of being a little old fashioned and the kind of thing that your parents, or grandparents, would wear. 2011, however, saw an increasing number of major fashion catwalks feature an extensive range of knitted products.
Perhaps we should not be overly surprised by knitwear making a comeback, as there has been a growing trend amongst the younger generation, for some time, towards craft as a hobby. This may have been one of the sparks for its current resurgence, and there is little doubt that, in 2012, knitwear should be represented in your wardrobe.

Some of the major high street retailers such as Crew Clothing and Topshop have introduced new ranges of knitwear, reflecting the recent upsurge. Several top models, such as Claudia Schiffer, have also launched their own knitwear range.

Although knitwear is often considered suitable for the colder winter months; it can, just as easily, be worn during the summer. The Miya cardigan by Crew Clothing (around $70) is a good example of this. Lightweight and stylish; if worn over a simple tee shirt, it gives the wearer a fashionable appearance without being heavy and bulky. The Crew Clothing range this year leans towards a nautical look, with items such as the Hanley Knit and the Nautical Tunic especially reflecting this.

Being one of the major British retailers of clothing (and soon to be a global brand), Topshop have a wide range of not only styles, but different types of knitwear to suit all seasons.
The following is a rough guide to the type of knitwear available from Topshop, but is applicable to all knitwear products:

Ripple Knit
Rippled knit knitwear is usually two toned, with bands of alternate colours. The stitching is inverted to give a wave like appearance. The current fashion towards a boxy style makes these ideal with tapered trousers.

Fisherman’s Knit
Originally designed to be worn by fisherman during cold fishing trips, this design has been around for many years, proving itself popular due to its warmth and thickness.

Box Stitch
Another thick item of knitwear that uses box stitch; these can be worn loosely and casually. The ideal item to wear around the house, yet with a bit of adapting, works well for an evening out.
(Northly Knit by Crew Clothing ($130)

Cable Knit
Sometimes referred to as Aran sweaters; these chunky tops will remind you of the 1970’s if you lived through that era.
(Knitted Crest Cable Jumper by Topshop ($60))
One of the most popular styles on the catwalk last year, lace makes excellent knitwear for that special night out.

Pointelle Knit
Created by dropping a stitch deliberately, this pattern creates a ‘holey’ design and is suitable for casual wear around the house, or, accessorized, for a casual night out.

Mesh Knit
As the name suggests, this design is based upon medieval armour, giving a mesh like appearance. This design is often popular with the alternative crowd, and is ideal for wearing with skinny jeans for those looking for a fashionable grunge look.

So, wherever you choose to shop for knits this season, you will find a wide range of styles to suit all tastes and occasions and, with the unpredictability of our weather, and knitwear’s resurgence; it is a great item to have in your wardrobe for 2012.

This article was written by Elliot, on behalf of Crew Clothing. Crew offer a range of men’s and women’s clothing, and have recently expanded their range to include a junior range.

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