Thursday, February 16, 2012

Designer vs Cheap: Why Paying for Designer Shoes is Ultimately Worth It!

We've all wondered whether expensive designer brands are worth it.
Today's guest blogger Zoe shares with us some thoughts about why
designer shoes are a good value at any price! Check it out!
In today's tough financial times it's always the best option to seek out a bargain. We've all celebrated finding a great cashmere bargain, a reduced rump steak or a half-price Dior lipstick. But is the cheap option always the good option? After all, a silk dress for $40 is fantastic, until it falls apart after two weeks. Your designer silk dress might be $400 but if it lasts you 10 years, you've only spent $40 a year, which certainly beats $20 a week. Finding a designer bargain is tricky. Designer ladies boots aren't always plentiful in charity shops, as people tend to hang on to them. But some things really are worth paying for.

Materials used in shoes such as ladies designer boots and high street heels play a big role when it comes to a product's price. An exotic snakeskin or speciality leather will obviously set you back more than something in basic leather, and Swarovski crystals break the bank far more than rhinestones. These aren't the only things that affect shoe pricing though.

Creating comfortable and quality shoes takes time, effort and research. The costs of manufacturing as well as the methods involved also vary massively. Designer ladies boots and shoes will often use handcrafting techniques and these are paid for each time a new pair of shoes is produced. High Street shoes will usually be made using machines that don't need paying by the hour and increasingly cheap labour is being employed abroad, raising ethical questions.

If you see a pair of shoes you just can't live without, it stands to reason that a talented designer is behind them and that costs money! Time, creativity and the ability to produce uniqueness - that's definitely worth your money in the long run. There's more to a pair of Louboutins than their iconic red sole.

However, this doesn't necessarily suggest that a pair of designer $400 shoes will be 10 times better or more comfortable than its $40 High Street equivalent. Some of the time, a designer label costs more because there are people out there who will pay more for the exclusivity and label prestige. 

Designer ladies boots and shoes are often copied (or paid homage to) on the High Street. What's hot on the catwalk will always make its way eventually to Topshop, Faith and even Primark. But if you want to be wearing the real McCoy your best bet is to buy designer and enjoy admiring glances from fashion-forward women who know shoes.

If you want to guarantee that the ladies designer boots or high street flip-flops you're contemplating buying are right for you, the best thing to do is try them on. Walk around for a few minutes and you'll get an idea of whether or not they're worth $500 or $25. Take friends with you who will give you an honest opinion on whether the shoes suit you and then whether they suit your bank balance!

Zoe is an avid blogger and experienced freelance writer, and loves to share her knowledge through content on the internet. Zoe is currently writing on behalf of heritage handbag and footwear brand Jane Shilton.

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