Monday, February 13, 2012

Shoetastic Crafts

Since it is the month of love, I decided to let my creative juices flow and come up with some ideas with which to spruce up the celebrations. In addition to Valentine's day, we will also be celebrating hubby's and my anniversary and my birthday this month. Seeing all the delicious and creative recipes got me started on a new creative tangent.

So it happened that I found some cute ideas on Pinterest. All the great craft ideas not only inspired me for the month but for school projects, ornaments around the house and much more.

 Do you know what these are? They are shoe-licious cupcakes! They are so cute that I am thinking of trying them out tomorrow and then making them for each celebration as well. I adore cupcakes and shoes equally and this is the perfect combination. You are right - they are probably too pretty to eat...  HAHAHA!! Who am I kidding? Saying no to cupcakes? Not likely!
A friend will always appreciate a pretty handmade greeting card and what better than a shoe card? Use some beads, ribbons and pretty paper and you will be BFFs - forever. It is also a great idea for market day at your child's school.
Kids bored? Give them a bucket of Lego and tell them to make you some shoes. I don't suggest you wear them. We all know what happens when you trip over a loose Lego - it usually happens in the middle of the night...

Preschool girls usually just love dressing up in Mom's shoes. However, if you help her make her own shoes, she can design them in any way she wants to.

Have you ever done shoe crafts? What is the coolest craft you have seen or created?


  1. I love these! I've seen the cupcakes before but not the others. Cute gift ideas.

  2. I love the shoe cupcakes, they look so yummy!


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