Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Boots! Boots! Boots!

Our boots are the best when we buy them,
but keeping them that way isn't always easy! 
Today's guest blogger Danae Matthews
shares some great ways to keep out boots beautiful! 

We love our boots don’t we ladies? They are the perfect way to step up any outfit and give it a little vava-voom. But boots, especially tall or over-the-knee, can pose one constant problem after wear, where to put them? At least I know that this is my main problem.

So frequently I see my beloved winter companions slouched over in my closet, getting banged around and I wish that I had a better solution to store them. Well ladies, we’re in luck because in case you didn’t know there have been some major boot storing revolutions made in the last couple of years! 

Boot Boxes, Amazon.com $30.00 for set of five
Great for storing out of season boots, boot boxes are tall boot storage containers that are lidless. They simply open from the front or the back and that way can stack one on top of the other with access. They protect your boots from mold and temperature damage, as well as give you a great visual of the contents inside!
Boot Hooks, Container Store, $9.99
For the few lucky women with closet space to share boot hooks are a great way to store boots, as well as keep them from slouching over. 
Boot Holder, Container Store $4.99
Boot stands are great because they keep your boots in perfect pairs, upright, and can easily go from the closet floor to the hanging rack!
Boot Shaper, Container Store, $9.99
One of my personal favorites, the boot shaper goes inside of your boot and on your closet floor. Not only does it keep your boots perfectly in shape all season, but it keeps them from being a crumpled mess when you actually go to use them.
Danae Matthews writes for the on-line women’s health resource, Women’s Health Base. On WHB she keeps her on tip and lifestyle blog, Danae’s Corner.

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  1. Great ideas! My boots end up thrown in my closet a lot of times - funny how I care for my shoes and toss my boots aside...


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