Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding the perfect pregnancy shoes

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life, 
but sometimes she needs a little help finding shoes
that will keep her feet feeling fabulous. Today's guest blogger Olivia
 will help us find the right shoes for this special time of our lives!

Once you've got your positive pregnancy test, the chances are that you will be running to the lady's room every five minutes because of the onset of pregnancy signs  like morning sickness and a magically re-filling bladder. Later on, as your baby bump grows, your center of gravity will decidedly shift. All that extra weight will also put some strain on your lower body, especially the ankles and feet. And then there are swollen ankles! But where do find the perfect pregnancy shoes?

It's obvious that stiletos are out. In fact, women wondering how to get pregnant  can start with ditching killer heels, along with taking their folic acid! They put pressure on all the wrong places, make most pregnant women look and feel really clumsy, and definitely encourage falls and slips.  Pregnant women should also stay away from shoes that make them scrunch up their feet because they are too small, or the back keeps popping off. 

Flip-flops make some women tense up their feet constantly, though others are used to them and find them comfy. Tense feet may cause cramps, and will affect the way you walk, and your body's posture. Shoelaces are a nightmare for moms to-be who can't even see their own feet. I was stubborn and stuck to my lace-up Timberland boots, but surrendered in my seventh month of pregnancy... after I had to ask a shop-assistant at a maternity store to help me get them back on! Boy, that was embarrassing. 

Finding the right shoes is clearly not as easy as it sounds! Ballet pumps may seem like the ideal shoe to pregnant women who like to look fashionable or have a dress code to adhere to at work. But beware — those shoes with a very thin sole and no heel at all won't offer an expectant mom the kind of support she needs. Shoes with a sole that's completely smooth underneath are risky, because it's easy to slip up on them, particularly while you are expecting a baby.

What does that leave? Trainers are probably the most comfy and they keep the wearer's health in mind, but they are hardly suitable for every situation. In hotter weather, pump-style shoes with a tiny heel can be a great choice for pregnant ladies who like something more elegant. Pick good, flexible leather or fabric for those swollen ankle days — and make sure that they either offer good support themselves, or that you add orthopedic insoles. During the winter, boots with the same qualities are probably the best choice. Do make sure you can get them on unassisted before you buy! 

Olivia, a mom of two, is passionate about female health and fertility. Visit her blog,  Trying To Conceive , for everything from how to get pregnant to weight loss after pregnancy.


  1. I have a few pregnant friends who love their stilettos! I think it depends on what your body is used to - these ladies wouldn't be able to walk in sneakers/trainers! But then again, I know many others who would definitely benefit from your advise!

  2. I am a huge fan of my high heels but now that I am late in my second trimester they are starting to squish my feet! The only problem is that even though I am a WAHM, I still have to go into the office sometimes and I have all the shoes you have recommended but they don't fit any more :( My friend showed me these shoes from Casa Couture, and they stretch and look great, but haven't tried them...can someone offer some insight to them?

  3. Of course, there are women who don't actually put on much weight at all during pregnancy. In that case, wearing stilettos would be much the same as doing so during any other time. Still, it's OK to acknowledge that "sensible shoes" have many benefits. Pregnancy is the perfect time to put our health and comfort first!

    Casa Couture shoes look absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to give them a try!

  4. Great to see these kinds of blog for the pregnancy women can wear these types of fashionable shoes

  5. Its great that special orthopedic insoles are made for the pregnant women comfort.


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