Monday, January 9, 2012

How I redecorated my... er - FOOT!

Yesterday I decided to redecorate my house. It was a big story...

The large table and old queen sized bed had to be moved down into storage, which involved two steep flights of chairs. Hubby was traveling and I had to ask the gardener to help me, which he did a great job of. However, I had to help him.

In all the excitement, Blondie didn't think to put on some sneakers or something more supportive than bare feet. Right at the top of the first flight of stairs with the first and heaviest item, I "sripped" - that's when you slip and trip over your own feet at the same time. I somehow bounced down two of three stairs on my knees, scraping off some skin in the process. My poor toes bent over the wrong way and I broke the toe that was broken (in another spot) 10 years ago. It is also the same toe that I cut open to the bone two years ago. Can anyone say CLUMSY?

So by now you'd think that I had learned my lesson and that is to wear shoes - even at home.

Well, ladies, I am proud to announce that my black-and-blue, beach ball sized tootsies are now toasty and warm in a comfy pair of slippers. I hope nothing urgent pops up that requires me to go out of the house as I can't go in shoes (nothing is going to fit for a while) and I am not going barefoot.

My advice to you:

Wear shoes at home while you are cleaning up or simply walking around. Wet floors, slippery stairs and even rugs are all hazardous to your health.

My Slippery Suggestions - click on the links to find out where you can buy them.

These are nice for injured toes in warm climates -

Acorn - New Spa Slide- Wide (Powder Blue Fabric) - Footwear

Lovely Orthaheel Slippers (Just click on the link for some of the cool features of the Acorn slippers)

Orthaheel - Relax Slipper (Blue) - Footwear

Patricia Green - Marlys (Pink) - FootwearIf you live on the beach like me, you could probably get away with going to the mall in these...

For luxury comfort and warmth, you can't go wrong with this beautiful slipper from Arden.

smartdogs - Arden (Deep Violet) - Footwear

How do you keep stylish when you have injured toes?


  1. ooooh Lizette I am sooo sorry to hear about your broken toe! That stinks! I try not to go barefoot cuz I have old wood floors and have had some doozy splinters that are awfully painful - but those you pull out and it's over - a broken toe takes time to heal! If you have to put shoes on think "formal" flip flops or some nice ballet flats that have stretch and give. Feel better.

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry that you got injured! All of those slippers are quite lovely...I need to wear slippers. I usually just wear warm socks. I'm with E, I would wear flats with some added stretch and cushion your injury so that you don't get further hurt. Take care of yourself!


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