Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Hot Shoe Trends for Spring 2012

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Have you been saving carefully to invest in the lovely pair of shoes you saw on television? Before taking the plunge, acquaint yourself with the top trends in the category of footwear this 2012. This would be a wonderful guide to help you shop the trendiest shoes for the season. 

1.       Metallic-toed shoes - These are a reigning favorite that is expected to rule the racks the coming season.  Not only are such shoes highly durable, but also the wide array of designs they come in make them more fetching. Glamour and practicality are well combined in this trend out to beat everything else in 2012. 

2.       High and pointed - Bid goodbye to the rounded toes that had been doing the rounds in the past season. The pointed toes and high heels are here! Get shoes with pointed toes and flaunt your attitude as you strut in them. However, in this context you must remember that the shoes shall only go the pointed way, while the sandals and the booties will keep reigning, in the rounded toed avatars. 

3.       Odd but trendy - This is a reference to the super mega platform shoes that celebs have been donning of late. Are you bit bothered about how comfortable they would be? Well, for starters you must not be that skeptical. Since the fashion pundits have been considering the mega platforms as highly popular, there must be some reason for the same. 

4.       Texture trends - As far as the texture of the shoes are concerned, transparent and shiny is in this summer. Were you thinking of teaming up a transparent pair of shoes for the Cinderella effect? Then go on ahead and don it. 2012 welcomes designer variants of the vinyl shoes. Of course, a bit of bling works to advantage and the designers have added shiny tones to their shoe materials. Gold and silver have moved on from dresses to the footwear.

5.       Color trends - After you are decided on the style of the shoes you want to wear, you are sure to spare a thought for the colors that are in fashion, right? In the contemporary fashion market, shoes too have become daring over the years and you can find a plethora of options—from bright orange to electric blue. However, nude is giving such bright colors stiff competition as are the pastel shades in pale lime, aqua and rose.

Decide on your comfort and requirements. Once this is done, go over the trend list and fill up your shopping bags with the latest shoes this year. 

Christina Lyttle is a fashion expert with five years of experience under her belt. In her free time, she loves making different kinds of Halloween and themed party costumes. You can click here to buy baby halloween costumes made by her. She is also the owner of the wrinkle cream site, 

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