Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bridal ShoesTrends for 2012

If you're going to be a bride this year or know someone who is,
then you'll want to hear about the latest 2012 bridal trends 
from our guest blogger Christina Lyttle! Enjoy!

Gone are the days when shoes took a backseat while shopping for one’s wedding because the increasing number of slender and petite wedding gowns have ensured that your shoes get the proper amount of attention. Also, the trend has shifted from white to more ‘colors’. So, if you are planning a gown which will allow some room for you to make your own style statement at your feet, you must know about the bridal trends of 2012.

·         Glitter - Every wedding needs a sparkling star and your shoes will ensure it. Bling and glitter is the trend of the season. If you are a little wary of sparkle, you can have just a hint of gold or silver but if you want to dazzle your wedding attire, go full throttle and remove all full stops on the oomph factor. You have various options in this fashionable development. You can go for a plain metal body but jeweled heels, or you can have gold dust all over your pumps. The added advantage is that, unlike your traditional footwear, this will be useful to you even after the wedding is over. You can pair these up with cocktail dresses or your little black dress and turn eyeballs.

·         Lace – Lace it up if you dislike the twinkle. Lace can pep up an ordinary looking stiletto. Dark colors like plum and deep red would look good on the light colors. You can contrast it with your wedding dress, or simply choose a color that compliments the fabric. Even a simple ribbon in a darker shade can do wonders to your prosaic shoe. Be willing to experiment and give a thumbs-up to lace because it is classy and elegant.

·         Mix and Match – There is no need to match everything, you must learn a little mixing along with matching. Go for a shoe that is totally unexpected and surprise everyone. There are many kinds of different and unique looking shoes available which scream chicness and style. Go for some glamour and pick those electric blue pumps. Add some ornamental flowers to them and you have balanced its eccentricity, thereby creating perfect wedding footwear.

There are many colors that are ruling the roost like Azure, Tiffany Blue, Cobalt, Plum, Cranberry etc. These colors will add to your look and ensure that you are the center of attention of your wedding, even fashionably. Experiment, innovate and research about the trends. Or better, create your own!

Christina Lyttle is a fashion expert with five years of experience under her belt. In her free time, she loves teaming wigs of different colors, like purple wigs, blonde wigs, and others to enrich the look of funny costumes designed by her.

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