Monday, August 13, 2012

Your Shoes as Inspiration for an Interior Design? Yes, Please!

If you're a fan of many different shoes and designers, chances are you also love having a similar interior filled with inspiring elements from your shoes. Interiors can be inspired by many accent pieces, from a favorite color, to a band, and even your favorite pair of shoes! Love Christian Louboutin pumps? Design your room with pops of red and black and make your heels the focal point! Are Juicy Couture flats your favorite go-to shoes? Make your room playful and colorful, just like your love for the brand. Here are some examples to get you started:

If you love pastel colors because they make you happy and are very lovely, use this pastel wedge below as your interior inspiration. With sweet colors that cover many different elements, such as chevron pastel pillows and vintage towels and blankets, this sort of interior will become your own personal retreat.
Shoes via The & Pastel Interior via 79 Ideas

If you're looking to create a peaceful oasis, well, you need a dreamy pair of shoes to point you in the right direction first! Flip flops that are made with an easy going and tranquil design will inspire you to create a calming retreat. If you love the ocean there's nothing better than a dreamy room filled with ocean blue accents. Also, don't forget other elements such as water wall signs, plants, and turquoise pillows. You'll love relaxing and enjoying a room that will remind you of the ocean on a consistent basis.
Ocean Flip Flops via Nine West and Ocean Living Room via

If you'd rather go for a sparkly and glam interior, why not use a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps as inspiration? The shoes most likely glam up your life and make going out all the more fun due to their height, sparkles, and amazing design. Have fun coming up with an interior of your dreams that's as chic as your favorite pair of Louboutin shoes and you'll feel glamorous every single day.
Louboutin Pumps via and Interior via Diva Rocker Glam

So do your shoes inspire you to be creative now? Decorating a luxe interior is as simple as what you choose as your inspiration. Look deep inside your closet full of dreamy shoes and pull out your favorite pair. It's time to decorate and have some fun creating the space of your dreams!

Paige One loves writing about fashion and interior design. Infuse them together and you'll have glam interiors that are stunning!

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