Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Wedding Style 101

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It’s that time of year again, the time when our weekends are booked up in advance thanks to the summer wedding boom. I do love a good wedding however when you have four to attend over the course of a month your wardrobe soon starts to feel, well a little bit empty! After making the mistake of purchasing new outfits for every wedding I was invited to last year, I have made a decision that I am going to far more wardrobe savvy this year. Here is my fool proof check list for staying stylish during the wedding season.

Unless you are attending four completely separate weddings where you are guaranteed no guest overlap, chances are you are looking to avoid the dreaded ‘haven’t we seen you in that before’ look. Instead of purchasing totally new outfits I have bought a wedding capsule wardrobe of plain colored dresses that can easily be jazzed up with belts, scarves, shawls and jewellery to create completely different looks. 

Comfort AND Style!
Naturalizer LennoxCourt. Source:
Footwear is one of the important considerations when putting together a wedding outfit. The lure of towering heels can prove tempting however since I discovered the Naturalizer shoe range I have been able to enjoy the flattering look of heels without the burning pain after too many renditions of the YMCA. A simple pair of black or nude court shoes will go with everything and will not break the bank, or your toes!

Hats Off
DIY Fascinator. Source:

Hats are all the rage since the Royal wedding last year and although hats used to be an essential requirement of a wedding outfit, there are plenty of alternative options that look just as stylish and won’t empty your wallet. A simple fascinator looks subtle yet fashionable, if you cannot find one to match your outfit why not pop into your local craft store and pick up some feathers, ribbon and sequins to customize your own? Not only is this a much more affordable option, you can avoid bumping into someone with the same one. Phew!

Kat is a full time writer, blogger who loves nothing more than being asked to write about her second passion in life, fashion (her first being shopping!). She is known for her love of Vivienne Westwood  and Lotus Shoes

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