Monday, April 30, 2012

New Silver Sparkly TOMS Shoes - What Do You Think?

Lately I've taken quite a liking to Instagram, an application on your smart phone where you can take pictures and post them. Then you can interact with others! It's so much fun - it's like Twitter and Facebook combined. If you're not on Instagram you should definitely join and if you do come and find me, I'm oceandreams4u. I've been having fun posting pics of my latest fashion finds, which of course includes shoes. ;)

So a few days ago I got my first pair of TOMS. I really like them, they're really sparkly and stylish. Plus, as you know, I love that TOMS will match my shoe purchase for a pair of shoes that will be given to a child in need.
 {via my Instagram}

I showed my new TOMS to my family and they think they are hideous looking. They love the idea behind TOMS, but they don't like the sparkles on the shoes. So now I'm coming to you asking you what you think. Are the sparkles too much? Should I have gotten a more basis pair?

I thought it would be fun having a sparkly pair of TOMS and a girl can never go wrong with sparkles, or so I thought. Then I showed it to my mom and she didn't like them. My brother and my dad had an even stronger reaction. Oops, that's not good.

I'm considering taking them back and getting a different pair, but I think I'll wear my pair of silver sparkly shoes proudly. After all, I'm a glam girl and I like my glam shoes. ;)

What do you think of my silver sparkly TOMS?

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