Thursday, April 5, 2012

Affordable and Fabulous Wedding Shoes

Bride and Bridesmaids Shoes

The Glamorous High Heel

For the bride that wants to make a glamorous statement with their shoes, the high heel is a perfect choice. Grace by Bellissima Bridal Shoes offers a wonderful selection of high heel shoes at affordable prices. Many of their styles are under $60. Their collections are usually found in small bridal boutiques and online. White by Vera Wang will provide the bride with a more couture look in high heel fashion at a reasonable price. This collection is offered online and carried in David's Bridal stores, and styles will range in price from $50-$90.

The Ballet Flat

For the bride that wants comfort from her shoes on her wedding day, she may want to opt for the ballet flat. These shoes are a very soft bodied shoe with no heel. A bridal line of these shoes can be found in most bridal boutiques. One popular brand is the Footsy Roll, they're so soft they can be rolled into a ball and retail for only $24.95. Many brides also opt for this style as a reception shoe, providing some relief to their feet after wearing heels to the ceremony.


Perfect for the beach wedding, flip-flops provide the bride with both comfort and affordability. Most boutique bridal shops and chain bridal shops will carry a selection of flip-flops suitable for the wedding day. Again, many brides will also use the flip-flop as a reception shoe for both themselves and their bridesmaids.

Blue (Suede) Wedding Shoes


Dyeables are a perfect choice for the bride that wants to add a splash of color to their attire or make their shoes reflect their "something blue". One of the most popular brands of dyeable shoes is Coloriffics, they offer a variety of styles suitable for both brides and bridesmaids. This collection is found primarily in boutique bridal shops, however they can also be found online. Coloriffics can range in price from $49 to $99. Many bridal boutiques will also do the actual dying of the shoe as well or they will recommend a shoe repair store that specializes in color matching.

Painted Wedding Shoes

One of the latest trends in wedding shoes is handpainted shoes. These shoes are custom made for each bride and can include various artwork that coordinated with the wedding theme. They may also contain the wedding date, location, or names of the bride and groom. While many would expect these shoes to be quite expensive, there are several sites on the internet that will offer these at more affordable prices. Painted wedding shoes can start at $69.

Comfort, style, and affordability are considerations for any bride. Many use their wedding shoes to reflect something about their personality, others use them as their "something blue", and others use them for a splash of color in their otherwise white ensemble. No matter what your taste or style is, there are many varieties of wedding shoe to choose from.

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  1. All sound like great wedding shoes - I especially would love to wear flip flops or pretty flats for comfort!

  2. Beautiful wedding shoes. It's really elegant and unique. Thumbs up for sharing this post to us.

    1. You're welcome, thanks so much for stopping by! ;)


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