Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shoes for a Test

Tomorrow morning I'm taking the second part of a huge exam.  It's been a lot of years since I've had to study like this to take these standardized types of exams.  I took the first part of this exam two weeks ago and just barely passed (not something I'm proud of), despite 3 months of intense studying.  Now the second part is looming.

Last time I threw on comfy clothes and sneakers and ran out the door dressed like I did when I was in college (oh so many years ago).  A part of me wonders if I how I dressed had an impact on how I did.

I have a feeling that when I wear sweats and flip flops, my attitude and actions are much more relaxed and I pay less attention to detail.  I know that when I wear business clothes--a suit or dress and heels--I walk, sit, and speak differently; in fact my whole demeanor changes. It's almost like I have a "work" costume, and when I put it on I go into "work" mode.

So I'm trying to figure out -what shoes and clothes should I wear to get my head into the game for the test tomorrow?  I know I want to stay away from the sweats - too easy to relax and let my brain slip into "spaced out" mode.  Any suggestions?  I"d appreciate them.

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  1. I love printed shoes - but I always have a challenge when my shoes and clothes clash!


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