Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blisters and Foot Pain!

Yikes!  I went out the other night and wore pair of my favorite Michael Kors heels that I don't wear very often.  These are awesome strappy platform sandals with leather, gold rivets, and 4 inch heels that make me feel, well - just incredible and feminine!There is something about these shoes that are special.  Whenever I wear them someone always compliments me on them.

The problem is that when I wear them they also rub my foot and I end up with a blister or sore across my instep.  This explains why I end up resigning them to the back of my closet for several months, not to be worn again for a long time. 

I've tried baby powder, bandaids, foot petals and somehow I still end up with a big owie!

Someone has to have a trick or a tip that works? What have you done to deal with this?  Please share your solution to this problem.  Thanks!

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