Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prediction of New Year Shoe-tastic Trends

I can't believe the New Year will soon be here. With 2012 just beyond the horizon I have to wonder what kind of shoes will continue and become the greatest of fashion trends in 2012. I don't consider myself a fashion pro by any means but I do love observing and learning what is popular and what is becoming popular in the fashion and specifically the shoe industry.
Will we continue to see people invest in fashionable shoes that look great AND help children in need? Toms does this and I think this is one of the most amazing companies to buy shoes from. Being able to save a life and invest in fashion at the same time is pretty amazing.
Will we continue to see fashionable pumps that look like boots with laces that are made out of suede and other luxurious materials? I've seen quite a few looks of this style this past year, especially on the runway. My guess is that I will continue to see them in the year 2012 as well.
I've seen leopard print become the greatest pattern trend in 2011. I personally am not a huge fan of this shoe trend and clothing trend & pattern as well, but who knows. Perhaps it will continue to gain popularity in 2012 as it has in 2011.
What about glittery pumps?! I think glitter, glitz, and sequins on heels will NEVER go out of style. I think they grow in popularity every single year. I love love love glittery pumps! :)
I'm hoping to see a lot more of floral flats, sneakers, and heels in early spring 2012. Florals are darling, classy, and very vintage looking. I definitely will invest in floral shoes if they are still around in 2012. Or I will find some and become a trend setter! ;)
And of course...let's not forget about the infamous Christian Louboutin shoes that will NEVER go out of style. I'm hoping 2012 will be my year to buy a pair of these fabulous pair of pumps. Or 2 or 3. Well, I'll just shoot for one pair right now. :)

So what are your shoe predictions for the year 2012? 
Do you like the shoe trends from this year and 
are you hoping they carry over to 2012?

Or would you like to see new trends, patterns, and fun new looks?

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  1. I think the stacked heels you showed in your lace pumps will be bigger this year - many women find them more comfortable and I think it's going to be a comfort year... well Louboutin aside - they will always be a classic - and I hope its the year you get yours!


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