Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fill Your Holidays with Glitz and Glamour

The holidays remind me of how much fun it is to get all dressed up,
head out for a fun evening, and wear your favorite pair of glitzy shoes. 

If you could go anywhere on Christmas, where would it be? 
Would you choose to stay nestled by the fire with loved ones, 
or would you go to a different country, 
wearing a favorite pair of sparkly shoes along the way?

I think it might be tempting to take off and visit another country 
(Scotland, Ireland, or the Carribean) 
and pack a sparkly pair of shoes just for fun. 
I'd grab a delicious dinner and walk along a 
new location that I'm now in love with
and feel like a holiday princess.

Here are some sparkly shoes that get me in the holiday mood
and make me dream of heading to my dream location stat:

So how about you? 
If you had the chance to go anywhere you wanted
in your sparkly pumps, where would you go?
I think it would be fabulous to get up and go somewhere
during Christmas. It would be darling and it would
be adventurous. Plus it would give me plenty of places
to wear a new pair of sparkly heels!

I'm ready for a Christmas full of glitz and glamour!


  1. I'm always ready to make my dream trip to the Highlands of Scotland, but I don't think this is the footwear I'd bring! LOL For me - these are for a Cinderella night - a special date - or an event or just a night when I feel wonderful no matter where I am going - but it's about how I feel in them - not just where I am!

  2. Very good point, I love that you can feel special in your glitzy shoes wherever you are!


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